CDT Time introduce Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilisation, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.

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Upsolver SQL Series: A Breakthrough in Data Management

In the world of big data, managing and analyzing vast amounts of information is a challenging task. However, Upsolver has

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Sourcegraph raises $2.6B in Series C funding round led by December Miller

Introduction: Sourcegraph, a code search and intelligence platform, has announced that it has raised $2.6B in a Series C funding

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Hacker steals data from MeetMindful, a dating app for mindful people

Introduction: MeetMindful, a dating app that aims to connect mindful and wellness-oriented individuals, has recently become the target of a

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Telegram Partners with Adorno to Offer Personalized Ads on Its Platform

In recent news, Telegram, the popular messaging app, has announced a new partnership with Adorno, a German company specializing in

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Prosus Acquires Russian Classifieds Site Avito for $6 Billion

In October 2021, Prosus, the Amsterdam-based tech investment firm, announced its acquisition of Avito, a leading Russian classifieds site, for

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Apple Takes Stand Against CSAM with Rossignol Detection Tool

In August 2021, Apple announced that it would implement a new system to detect child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on

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What is Pixwox? Insta Viewer and Downloader

Do you want to view your partner’s story anonymously? But you don’t want to reveal your identity. Is this possible? Yes,

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TweakVIP – Modded App for iOS/Android

You’ve heard about the tweakvip, but how does it work? What exactly does it do? Why should you get it?

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